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Saturday, January 16, 2016 | 11:49 AM | 0 comments
Hello Everyone!!

It is to my biggest pleasure to share with all of you a great supplement product.

~Give Back to You what Time Has Taken Away~

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen is one of the various types of vitals protein found in the skin, bone, muscles and internal organs, which is necessary for proper functioning of these tissue. Studies shows that we lose 1.5% of our body's store of collagen every year and  after the age of 25, Thus by the time we get to 40, we have lost almost 30% of our store.

MIRAE COLLAGEN  is made of collagen peptide which is extracted from the fresh water fish where it consist of small molecules that have a superior bio-availability and digestibility compared to other collagen products. Due to smaller molecular weight, it is easily absorbed at a higher level through intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body, leading to collagen synthesis in the joint tissue, bones and skin dermis.

Mirae Collagen
Filter water before mixed with Mirae Collagen

Mirae Collagen
Filter water after mixed with Mirae Collagen

4 Reasons to Choose Mirae Collagen as Additional Supplement:

Best Source
Mirae Collagen derived from 100% natural fresh water fish.
Best Absorbency
Providing an amino acid ratio with low molecular weight (-2,000 Da) for maximum bioavailability and utilization by the body.
Best Formula
Fish Collagen peptide combines with FOS fibre and vitamin C to provide optimum supplementation of your dietary collagen needs.
Clinically Proven Results
- Skin Hydration
- Anti Aging Effect
- Skin Suppleness
- Wrinkle Reduction


Content inside Mirae Collagen

- Collagen Peptide
- Vitamin C
- FOS Fiber 

Mirae Collagen

Mirae Collagen is made from natural product and does not contain the following :

-  Filler
-  Coloring
-  Sugar
-  Artificial Preservatives
-  Gluten Free

FAQ Mirae Collagen

1) Is MIRAE COLLAGEN is only suitable for women?
It is suitable for BOTH men and women due to the fact that human body required collagen for optimum body function.

2)Why do we need to consume collagen through supplementary instead of obtaining it from our daily diet?
Our daily diet which is from protein food intake does not contain sufficient amount of collagen. Consuming collagen peptide in powder form deliver the right amount of collagen to our body system to function at its best.

3) Why does it have to be 9000mg? (1 scoop, 10g MIRAE Collagen)
Based on the research, humn body need 5000mg to 10,000mg of collagen daily for optimum body health. By consuming 1 scoop of MIRAE collagen daily, 9000 mg of collagen peptide will be delivered throughout our body which is sufficient enough to help it function efficiently and effectively.

4)Will there be any adverse reaction if we take any other supplement with this collagen product? Are they any other side effect?
No. However, you are advised to seek medical advice if you are in doubt. There are no known other side effects.

5)When can I expect to see results?
Human body function differently from one another. The result varies based on agem environment, lifestyle, and diet. Generally, noticeable result can be seen on the appearance ofnails and hair in within 1-3 weeks. Improvements on your skin and other connective tissue is noticeable on the following week.

6) Can a pregnant or breast feeding woman consume collagen products?
It is our company policy to advice pregnant lady or breastfeeding mother to consult phyician or pharmacist before consuming any of our product.

7)Can MIRAE Collagen be consumed daily & whait if consumed excessively?
Collagen peptide is a simpler form of tissue ans is essential to repair damaged cells and tissues. Consumption of collagen every day and continuously not just safe but helps our body to repair and function more efficiently. If taken exccesively, it will be secreted in the urine with no dangerous effect.

Why MIRAE Collagen?
Safe - Chemical free, BSE-TSE Free, Allergen Free and Gemetically Modified Organism (GMO Free)
High Quality - Premium Raw Material. GMP/ ISO 9001 and Control Testing
Easy to Use - Gluten Free, Colorless and Odorless
Efficient - Fresh water fish and amino Acid Profile


Mirae Collagen
One (1) Bottle 130g able to last for 20 days. The normal Retail Price for this Collagen are RM500 for 2 set of bottles. Member Price is as low as RM385 for 2 bottles.

If Interested, Please contact Naqib
Whatsapp/Call: +6013-644 0613

ma new blogskin~
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 | 1:35 PM | 0 comments
Morning peeps, 
As much as i like Sabak Bernam,it just a small town-village with not many activities going on.there's no beach nearby,or some entertainment place i can hang out with.so my holiday is usually centered around my room and on9. 
So it normal for me to surf the net without endless boundaries,considering the amount of free time and i realized i HAVE a blog which needed proper attention. the blog look so dull in a sense that it is not attractive,even to me.so i ask for my sister's help which is a pro-blogger(i assumed).Any blogger should know that a flashy catchy template mostly is in classic template;in which it requires knowledge in HTML.or basic html one.haha
so i tried once again playing with command tags and customized it to my own version.lastly,the product is as you can see now.

My blog consists of three tabs:
OWNER=a page about me.hehe
2012=my resolution list
TIMELINE=all posts will go to this tabs.it also act as default homepage which is the first thing you ever see when entering my blog page.

No fancy music.i hate it and it need another set of command in the HTML.i just lazy bum.haha

Oh,i did put three picture in he far left corner of my blog.let me explain a bit why i choose them.
FIRST photo is Korean rapper Jay Park in one of his photo shoot.let just say that i am inspired by him.

SECOND photo portrays freedom and i did not like myself being chained by any restriction.even being trapped in my own room i often felt suffocated.but people always said;
"real life often begins at 40"
I just hope it comes to me sooner.so let just enjoy every hardship i got through and learnt to grow up.

THIRD photo is a dream of mine since i was little.i just like the ambiance of being in a cafe at the morning.smelling the freshly-baked pastry while enjoying a cup of coffee in a small yet cosy cafe house.the cafe also provided the best cakes and all women are fascinated by it.
I fall in love with first sight after seeing Antique Bakery J-drama.hahaha

Sunday, January 29, 2012 | 7:21 PM | 1 comments
this is just a testing.
my blog currently under construction..
please wait!

a very long comeback
Saturday, January 21, 2012 | 7:10 PM | 3 comments
Hi peeps.

i gotta say that i got a little rusty in writing stuff for a while.if u ask me to write an economic review now,i daresay i am PROUD to assist you since that stuff still lingered in my head.oh and why is that?
because of my JUST-ENDED FINAL EXAM!!*no marks for you anna.haha*

i decided to write again because someone is requesting.(yeah you know who u r)she said its an order.i knew she will become a great LADY-BOSS in the near future so that why i followed her order.haha.plus i need to overcome this crush-i-didn't-meant-for stuff.that is pretty personal stuff and still there is person(pro-stalker) who figured it out.

My life is getting stagnant for a while.and i do not blame anything because of it *cough*exam*cough.
i can see that some of my class mate is doing this kind of their own version of exam review.
i think i should do the same too considering the amount of followers who happened to be my class mate as well.before that i should emphasized that examination is a bloody pain in the ass procedure which i hated.my only motivation is that it put my parent's moneys at stake.
a little fact abt me: i come from a middle-earned family BUT i dont find it fancy to have another large sum of debt by applying for PTPTN.that decision is obviously self-defeating and the only reason why i cant find a large sum of capital to invest on some MLM.
okaayyy....i stopped wandering and start the review:

Another boring university compulsory subject.i totally did a good job in playing truant and slacking off.but i learnt my lesson last semester.i made it sound easier doesn't mean it is easy.thats what APK told me in a harsh way.giving me B+ and automatically becomes the pulling grade factors for my last semester.i give two sweet day memorizing history lesson.it did paid off because it HAS to be.only the resulting event of borrowing a note from a jealous girlfriend of a friend of mine is fucking awkward.

the most biggest badass subject in my course.it is either u strive with flying color or flunk flatted to the ground.
and no one informing about the new format!!u should know well that a nervous student in exam hall might not even see if they is this big elephant walking in front of them.i too did not follow the instruction,thank you for asking..
and the question is even bizarre.an office lots value for RM6.5 per square metre.that approximated 300 million for 2 acres only??what a bullshit value.its not even make senses.and not to mentioned too little information given.i know information is scarce in reality.but how should i know the feasibility study cost,proffesional fees and authority fees in the middle of exam.my answer is full of assumption here and there.
and i take the chance to do DCF technique instead of comparison method.i just not expert enough to do comparison alone without rebutting it with others.

im taking economy subject since i was like 18.and its usually the same supply and demand thing-ies.get used to the new format already and well there are hit and misses.still i gotta said i strike more.i put my hope on this one fella.

i noticed that this subject was not my cup of tea.Come on,the only fun part of it is when we went for a field trip to DayaBumi.but to inspect,maintain and repair??i will leave it to the technician.and i would like to curse my self for lazyness due to the fact that i repeatedly urge myself to read the electrical system which i dont have the slide notes nor that i copied it because im not in the class and somehow it appear in the exam paper.desperately,i take a deep tour into the memory lane and just chew the fat on it.managed to produce one sloppy sketch of electrical power distribution  and explaining ELCB(earth leakage circuit breaker) which i took 10 mins onlyto figure out what the hell is this are..

hahaha.funny when it is suppossed to be 2-hour paper and the lecturer mistakenly put 3-hour.thank you for making that up as i had more than enough time to answer it.first question really a real-life situation.they even put a situation where this guys action is contravene certain act.advise how he can make it legalise.i almost laugh hard because (1) i did not know how to give the proper advice and (2) because i somehow thinking on bribing the officer and (3) i really consider to go with my 2 choice only that this is an exam and your advice should be according to the etiquette.i guess.despite the extra time given,i decided to go out early as there is nothing left for me to do there after answering more than 2hours and it means total FREEDOM  out there.
who the hell could resist the temptation!!!!!!!

and for that i closed my 3 semester study life.
this shit gets tougher every time it hits again.and i better have my gun loaded for the next semester too!!

end of long comeback,


a place i called home
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 | 12:10 AM | 0 comments
hello to all blogwalkers~~

i have gone through a precious weekend last week.ever since i came into UM for the first time,i swore to myself im going to find a group of people who shares the same interest with me..

and i thought its going to be my favorite volleyball,or music club,or my COURSE MATES..
i kept searching for more than a year and eventually i found it.
a community called AIESEC..
btw it so not a MLM group of watever

the name its not what important.
thanks to its human resources a.k.a awesome people whom these group should treasured the most..
its kinda hard to explain what AIESEC in general with some technicalities and hell lot of jargons,i just shared my story for participating in the local leadership development seminar in Teluk Kemang..

what a sempoi conference we had.no such formalities to follow,just come and learn new stuffs..
we did belbin test.sort of to know what is your personalities and i got three different traits.more scores for me.yeay..

then the wedding simulation which i personally have concluded that never take wedding planner as your career job.*the last thing i would do if no others job is available*
got two awesome nite party..
and the most fucking shocking first-then-i-couldnt-help-but-to-laugh Nite Owl party.
all the EBs i know are playing zombie.i kinda like wateheck *then burst to laugh*...

seriously a good memories.what i love the most is that sugar cube thing-ies and how supportive this group can be towards its own members.i got plenty of them which support me through their own words..
billy,from China and vampire me

UM actually did throw their LCP into the sea

awesome PM-ers..woot woot
i think im gonna stick it to wall or something to cherished this moment..gonna spent some money to make wall of fame for AIESEC..really worth the effort and money..


i got bored so i blog
Saturday, October 8, 2011 | 2:13 AM | 1 comments
hi guys.
you want to know something??
i seriously am jealous-ing peeps who got one hectic life yet they still managed to blog.when the hell did they write their post.this semester i got too busy i dont even have the time to write things for my birthday... T_T
and there are HAWK's Family Day,EM-ians eid celebration,convocation event,and others cool stuff.

rite now i suppose to do my tutorials on investment approach but naaahh~
-im listening to Mizz Nina song and move like Jagger..i do love to DANCE like seriously D.A.N.C.E with the disco light(while doing hip song dance)..if i were to grow up in city environment,i dunno how wild i will go.....

hahahaha..those just my guilty pleasures.i know my limits.

im officially 20's so i decided to become like one.
being just a small students with high cgpa didn't satisfy me..having too much wild fun is immature..so,i decided to join AIESEC;a student organization who promoted world issue,leadership and management..i went for their breakthrough.found my friend whom outshine me.damn.i went for their interview..it so lucky because the interviewer is in the same floor with mine in college.being praised how i can be a good team leader.hahahahhaha *bluffing and blushing* and now i am officially a member of AIESEC..my VP (stands for vice president) is a nice girl named awatif.supposed to have my first YV activities with her but i have others plan.Sunday will have a hangout with 2 new foreign members..see how tremendously my life getting busier despite the fact that i am already have my hands full on others stuff.

i went to gym.
yeah,im not LYING!!
it sad you know when your age reach 20 yet you still cannot have a fitted-arm shirt..and the fact that girls keep telling me how skinny i am is one such personal humiliation..luckily my roomates/coursemate is a gym lover..its 3 days in a row now and im kinda enjoying the muscle-ache you get after a heavy routine.im going to take a weight gainer later and shape my body..some peeps already notice that i got a LITTLE buffer.lol~

i went swimming.
i don't know how to swim.and i rather said im drinking chlorine more than swimming.
still,i don't give up and come for second time.there is this bloody good swimmer doing free style.i am going to be like him someday and im going to cherish the first moment i swimming like a drowned person..hahaha

Friday, September 16, 2011 | 12:50 AM | 1 comments

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